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Wiertz Company was founded in 1997 and is an all-round HR service provider, active in the world of people and work. Wiertz Company is built on the values of a close family business, based on the Rhineland philosophy: doing business with an eye for continuity, the long term and based on partnerships. The company, which is still owned by the Wiertz founders, originated in Limburg and has grown into a leading partner in the Netherlands.

Wiertz Company is a strong growing organization, with besides its digital solutions, 19 physical branches in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. At Wiertz Company, 120 permanent employees and over 4000 flex-employees work for over 700 employers on a daily basis, a carefully composed mix of experience and talent. The company is characterized by a professional governance with shareholders, supervisors and directors.

Wiertz Company offers solutions for the broad world of people and work: Wiertz Flex Solutions, Wiertz Payroll Solutions, Wiertz Career Solutions, Wiertz Hospitality Solutions, Wiertz Digital Solutions, Wiertz International Solutions, Wiertz Inhouse Solutions and Wiertz Legal Solutions.