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Giving back to the society in which Wiertz Company operates. That is the mission of Wiertz Foundation, founded on June 13, 2006. We support local charities, offer financial support to volunteer projects and work together with different local partners.

The foundation gives substance to its mission by, among other things:

  • Collection of financial resources;
  • Cooperation with local authorities;
  • Supporting and organizing projects and activities;
  • Realizing a broad support base;
  • Wiertz Foundation receives an annual donation from Wiertz Company. This donation is the main source of income of the foundation.

Project support and accountability

  • Project support
  • Accountability

Project support

Your project will have a chance for support if:

  • You are familiar with our organization.
  • Your association/foundation has business contacts with Wiertz Company.
  • Your association/foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Your project has a local character.
  • We are the only organization sponsoring your project.
  • Your activity is (preferably) a multiannual project or event.
  • You can submit a budget for your project or event.
  • Your activity fits in with the stimulation of work and volunteering.
  • Your activity fits in with the stimulation of culture and cultural education.


Financial Accountability
Download the 2020 financial statements here.

Policy plan
Download the current policy plan of Wiertz Foundation here.

RSIN: 8160.18.972

Gesteunde projecten

  • Projects 2022
  • Projects 2021
  • Projects 2020
  • Projects 2019
  • Projects 2018

Projects 2022

  • ‘Passion, Percussion & Friends’
  • Hulp loket Oekraïne
  • Voedselbank Venlo

Projects 2021

  • Kinderburgemeester Hidde
  • Credohuis Parkstad
  • Adelante Gala
  • philharmonie zuidnederland
  • Toon Hermans Huis Maastricht
  • Stichting Volkstoneel Kerkrade

Projects 2020

  • New York marathon
  • Smoke Eaters Geleen
  • Global Exploration
  • Hub Defaux / drumband St. Blasius & St. Cornelius
  • Kruisboogschutterij St. Sebastianus
  • Klassieke Zomer Parkstad
  • Reënboagkloeb Haander
  • Nederlandse Rode Kruis
  • Puur concerten
  • Voedselbank Venlo

Projects 2019

  • KKM st. Lambertus, CMK en David
  • Reuzenfeest 2019
  • Kerkelijk zangkoor St.Petrus
  • Alpe D’huzes
  • Painolessen XuanXuan
  • Kunstbankje Heerlerheide (Stichting Stevagram)
  • Stichting Hartekind

Projects 2018

  • Global Exploration
  • Nieuwe strijkstok voor Enzo Kok
  • Alpe D’huzes
  • Kinderafdeling Laurentius Ziekenhuis BeterBoek
  • Guido’s Orchestra
  • C.D. Ongersjeed t.b.v. KiKa
  • De Positieve stad – Heilust
  • Voedselbank Venlo
  • Shave hair to care
  • NOVIzorg
  • PostNL Born
  • Stichting Kids Fundag Parkstad
  • Stichting Comité 4 en 5 mei Heerlen

Request for donation

The Wiertz Foundation Board meets once a quarter to discuss applications received. If your request needs to be handled urgently, please make this clear. Information about the status of your request can be obtained by telephone from the secretariat. Once your application has been processed, you will automatically receive notification of an allocation or a rejection. It is also possible that we would like to receive further information first. In that case we will contact you.

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