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Wiertz Company is a specialist in temporary employment. With Wiertz Flex Solutions, Wiertz International Solutions and Wiertz Hospitality Solutions, we are ready to provide you with temporary employees at any time.

Wiertz Company acts as the employer of the temporary employee. We put the employer (temporarily) at your disposal. All administrative actions and sickness risks are taken care of by Wiertz Company. Management and supervision on the work floor is your responsibility. Temporary employment is ideal if you want to expand your team, but you don’t know for how long. For dealing with unexpected peaks in temporary employment requirements. Or for the temporary replacement of an employee. You only pay a fixed hourly rate for the hours worked, based on the temporary employees hourly wage. With our solutions in the field of temporary employment we are ABU-certified so everything is always properly arranged!

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  • Hirer's compensation
  • Benefits

Hirer's compensation

We are ABU certified. This means that we use the hirer’s remuneration when paying our temporary employees on a temporary basis. The aim of the hirer’s remuneration is that the temporary employee earns and actually receives the same salary as the staff members who are directly employed by you and perform the same work. The hirer’s remuneration consists of the following six components, which must be taken from your CAO and/or company regulations:

  • The period wage;
  • ATV or ADV;
  • Supplements for overtime and working in irregular hours;
  • General (often annual) wage increases;
  • Cost allowances;
  • Periodical increases.


When you choose to hire your temporary employees through Wiertz Company, you can be sure that everything is always well organized. We guarantee the best match between your vacancies and our candidates. In addition, temporary employment through Wiertz Company means:

  • Personal contact. You will be assigned a fixed contact who will be happy to work on your vacancies.
  • Flexibility. We are flexible and can easily adapt to your wishes and requirements.
  • Partnership. As a Rhineland organization, we strive for long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Excel. We always want to be the best together!