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Wiertz Talent Tool is part of Wiertz Digital Solutions. In our selection process we actively use Wiertz Talent Tool. Wiertz Talent Tool is an online platform where candidates can take several tests. Through Wiertz Talent Tool we test candidates on knowledge, skills and personality. All this to ensure the quality and match with your vacancy.

For example, we test for German and English language, personality, vocabulary and insight. Most tests are available in several languages, including Polish, and extremely easy to make. When you place a vacancy with us, we discuss together the use of one of our tests in the selection process.

With Wiertz Talent Tool, we want to combat the shortage in the labour market. We believe that a person can do more than he or she thinks. In the current job market, it is often difficult to find a candidate who perfectly matches the wishes and requirements in your vacancy. Using the Wiertz Talent Tool, the candidate creates a competence passport. In this way, the candidate can prove his or her suitability for your vacancy, even if the candidate does not fully meet specific experience and/or education requirements.