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Do you like being on the phone and would you like to earn money with it as well? This is possible if you start working as a call center agent via Wiertz Company. Part-time, full-time, a commercial position or one where you mainly provide assistance: anything is possible!

As a call center agent, you can deal with different kinds of emotions of people and you always speak to them in a friendly and appropriate manner. Whether they are angry, upset or sad, it makes no difference to you. If you already have work experience as a call center agent, that is a great bonus. If you don’t have this, that’s no problem. The clients we work with ensure that you know exactly how to respond to different situations through the right courses and training. In this way you will eventually become a call center agent of the highest level with excellent communication skills, super empathy and you will be able to act very quickly.

Inbound and outbound call center agent
If you are interested in working as a call center agent, it is often good to know that there is a difference between, for example, an inbound call center agent and an outbound call center agent. If you start working as an inbound call center agent, you will always receive incoming phone calls. You will be working in customer service or at a help desk. As an outbound call center agent, you need to be a little more confident, because then you yourself call (ex-)customers of an organization for which you work.

Would you like to work at a cool company? And do you not hesitate to keep control of the conversation and are you a good listener? Work on your resume and build work experience. View all our call center vacancies.

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