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Are you interested in working as a forklift driver and are you looking for a vacancy? We have forklift driver vacancies at large companies as well as smaller and less well-known organizations.

Time is money is a well-known expression. This certainly applies to logistics. As a forklift driver you have to be stress resistant and be able to work well under time pressure. As a forklift driver you take care of, among other things, the internal transport of a distribution centers. You also need to have the orders ready for shipment on time, so that the trucks can be loaded immediately. And keeping the warehouse neat and tidy is certainly not unimportant. It is also important that as a forklift driver you know what working safely is and that you move your forklift skillfully between all the racks.

Do you already have logistics experience and want to work as a forklift driver, but don’t have the right papers? No worries! Wiertz Company will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you and look for the right solution. Through the Wiertz Academy, you can also follow a practice-oriented training programme which guarantees you a job as forklift driver.

Curious about the possibilities? View the forklift driver vacancy overview below and apply immediately! At Wiertz Company you will find a suitable forklift truck driver vacancy, both part-time and full-time possibilities.

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