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Do you want to work as an HR assistant, but are you not yet sure what this position entails? We are happy to explain it to you! As an HR assistant you support the HR advisor and the HR manager. An HR assistant works in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM). This is also referred to as HR or human resources. As an HR assistant, you and your colleagues are responsible for potential and current employees of the organization.

The duties of an HR assistant can be very diverse. The duties of an HR assistant largely have to do with the staff. You can, for example, be involved in writing vacancy texts, drafting, renewing or terminating employment contracts, keeping HR systems, staff planning and application procedures up to date. For the position of HR assistant it differs per company whether a higher vocational education or vocational education level is required. As an HR assistant you can be found in the HR department of a company or organization. This can be at large commercial companies, government agencies, employment agencies, schools and much more. Check out our vacancies for the position of HR assistant below!

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