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Can’t wait to get in front of the classroom and want to work as a secondary school teacher? Are you not sure what this job entails? We are happy to explain it to you!

As a teacher in secondary education you teach a certain subject at a school for VMBO, HAVO and/or VWO. Besides teaching you are also a coach, you prepare lessons, you keep your subject up to date, you consult with colleagues, you check tests and you talk to parents. You enjoy sharing knowledge, working with young people and coaching them.

In secondary education a distinction is made between teachers with a first degree and teachers with a second degree teaching qualification. With a first-degree qualification you can teach at all levels within the entire secondary education system. Second-degree teachers can teach at vmbo (pre-vocational secondary education), in the junior grades of havo and vwo and in adult education. After completing the higher professional education (hbo) teacher training program in secondary education you have a second-degree qualification in your pocket. You can become a first grade teacher by completing a university teacher training program or a higher professional education program for the first degree. Check below for our vacancies for the position of teacher in secondary education!

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