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Do you want to work as a logistics employee, but are you not yet sure what this position entails? We are happy to explain it to you!

As a logistics employee (also known as a warehouse employee) you fulfill an executive and organizational function in a warehouse or distribution center. During the entire process of delivery, storage and shipment of goods you are responsible for the correct course of processes. The position of logistics employee is comparable to that of order picker. The difference is that an order picker is primarily responsible for the collection, completion and preparation of shipments, while a logistics employee has a broader range of tasks.

There is plenty of work in the logistics sector. Logistics employee in warehouses and distribution centers of supermarkets, wholesalers, mail order companies and (online) shops. As a logistics employee you are, among other things, busy unloading and storing goods, collecting goods to be shipped, stickers and possibly packaging, collecting orders, preparing and loading goods and checking the inventory. You are mainly physically active but can also perform some administrative tasks from time to time. In large warehouses you regularly use hand trucks or forklifts. Through Wiertz Academy you can also follow a practice-oriented training program where a job as a logistics employee is guaranteed.

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