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Do you want to work as an operator, but are you not yet sure what this position entails? We are happy to explain it to you!

As an operator you are the person behind the machine! Operators control the steps in the process of the engineering process and together ensure a good end product. You have various tasks: you monitor the progress of the production process of the factory where you work and intervene if necessary. You also carry out checks on the installation itself. You carry out minor maintenance yourself and larger work is done by the maintenance department. If the factory needs to be started or stopped, you do so. In a job as an operator, you must have insight into technology, chemistry and safety. Operating a factory is a major responsibility for you, your colleagues and everyone who lives and works around the factory.

Operators usually work in an industrial environment, for example in a factory or in the production department of a technology company. This may include, for example, food producers, butchers, bakeries, metalworking companies and packaging companies. An operator often works in shifts. This means that you regularly have to roll up your sleeves in the evenings and (sometimes) in the weekend. But that gives you time off on other days and you earn more! Through Wiertz Academy you can also follow a practice-oriented training program where a job as an operator is guaranteed.

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Operator (Valida Plant)

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Voor onze opdrachtgever in Deurne die keukenbladen maakt zijn we op zoek naar een polijster. Werk je graag met je handen, heb je al enige ervaring als polijster of wil …

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