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Do you enjoy working with your hands? Then you are the right person to work as a packer. We are happy to explain to you exactly what the work of a packer entails.

As a packer you are versatile, that is to say: you can work in almost any sector. Mainly you pack by hand, but sometimes it goes through packaging machines. You are responsible for preparing shipments at various organizations. And every now and then, as a packer – depending on the precise job content – you sometimes do limited administrative work. Additionally, do you also see a production error somewhere or is something missing somewhere? You as the packer are the right person to identify this.

Packers can work in almost any industry, especially in the food sector there are many jobs. For example, fruits and vegetables are still packed manually. And believe it or not, but there are also chocolate packers. Last but not least, warehouses also have a lot of packaging activities available: especially if you are working for a web store or mail order company, for example.

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