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Can’t wait to get in front of the classroom and want to work as an elementary school teacher? However, are you not yet sure what this job entails? We are happy to explain it to you!

As an elementary school teacher you teach children between the ages of four and twelve. You also guide the students in their social-emotional and moral development. To the kindergarten classes you teach through games. To the higher classes you teach, among other things, math, language, history and music. You regularly test the material and discuss the child’s progress with the parents on the basis of the student report. In addition, you often meet with your colleagues and the director to discuss issues surrounding the organization, (new) policy and other school matters.

To be able to teach in primary education, you must have a teaching qualification. This is obtained by completing the Teacher Training for Primary Education (PABO). This higher education program can be completed full-time, part-time or dual. Check our vacancies for elementary school teacher below!

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