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Do you want to work as a warehouse employee, but are you not yet sure what this position entails? We are happy to explain it to you!

A warehouse employee is comparable to a logistics employee. As a warehouse employee you check all items that come in. You check the shipping slip to see whether the delivered goods are on it. You also check whether the order is in order. This means that you check whether the products are not damaged. Is everything correct? Then you bring the load with pallets into the warehouse and put the products in the right place. You must register the products that you place in the warehouse in the computer. You enter exactly how much of which product was received. You do this because you or your colleagues can easily see what is still available in the warehouse.

A warehouse employee works in a team and often also in shifts. A warehouse employee can work in a large store, at a large industrial company or at a distribution center. Working hours can vary, from early in the morning to the middle of the night. Check out our vacancies for the position of warehouse employee below!

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