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Operational Employee

Earning good money as an operations employee and also making a positive contribution to a greener world? This is your chance to find just that one job that makes a …

Sittard (9 km)32-38 hours per week hoursVMBO. HAVO. VWO14.00 hour

Reachtruck driver

Samsung SDS, based in Born, is a major player in the field of eletronic equipment. They've achieved this by continuously innovating and discovering. They specialize in the logistic handling and …

Born (10 km)40.00 hoursVMBO. HAVO. VWO12.51 uur

Warehouse worker

For a major player in the production and sale of electronic equipment, namely Samsung SDS in Born, we are looking for warehouse employees. Samsung SDS has become big player by …

Born (10 km)40.00 hoursVMBO. HAVO. VWO11.40 uur