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De Volksbank is looking for structural (mortgage) acceptors for one of its brands, BLG Wonen in Geleen, who must offer tailor-made solutions for their existing customers. Consider, for example, a divorce, death or other life event. As an acceptor you monitor the financial resilience of the customer.

Working at de Volksbank means that you (in)directly make a real contribution to society. In addition, de Volksbank is a small bank with great possibilities. This means that you can work across the full breadth of your expertise. You also get sufficient freedom and responsibility at de Volksbank to organize your work and career yourself. You are challenged to use your talent optimally. Finally, de Volksbank pays sincere attention to you. By investing in you as a person and as a professional, de Volksbank realizes its mission: banking with a human touch.

De Volksbank is the parent company of SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank and BLG Wonen. As the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands – with 3.2 million customers and more than 3,000 employees – it finances mortgages, manages savings and offers 1.5 million customers a checking account. De Volksbank also offers – to a lesser extent – insurance, investment and loans. A solid and stable bank with a strong capital position.

There is a culture within de Volksbank in which everyone feels welcome and at home, with genuine attention to the customer. If you work at de Volksbank, you experience that banking affairs are actually people affairs. And that banking is therefore people work. De Volksbank is large enough to fulfill your personal ambitions and compact enough to have a visible impact. In this way, she works with you on a better bank for her customers.

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