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Do you want to work at a fast-growing, ambitious company that takes good care of its employees? Then get started at DocMorris, active in the Avantis business park! We are looking for logistics employees who want to work for this great company.

DocMorris is a modern mail order pharmacy and supplies medicines to customers in Germany. The company operates with a large distribution center on the Avantis industrial estate in Heerlen. The equipment and rooms are new and modern, making it a pleasant environment to work in. The latest logistics techniques are used. How about order picking with Google Glass and the Pick by Light system?

The management is friendly and DocMorris really takes good care of the staff. Fresh fruit in the cafeteria, available computers and so on. Rewarding work with a nice client. If you perform well, a contract with DocMorris will be ready for you after 26 weeks!

At DocMorris you can be deployed in various positions in logistics! There are both full-time, long-term jobs with the prospect of permanent employment as well as side jobs.

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