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At Nedlin everything revolves around laundry. The laundry from companies in, for example, the hospitality and care sectors is taken care of by a professional team so that it is clean, tightly ironed and folded again.

The fully automated system of this laundry has various workstations with different activities. For example sorting and scanning of incoming laundry, but also hanging or placing clean laundry so it can be dried, ironed and folded by the machines.

Nedlin is located in Elsloo and in Hoensbroek. The company is a real family business where there are long term opportunities, also for you! Do you like the fresh smell of clean laundry? Then take a look at our vacancies!

In which divisions can you work?

  • Laundry kitchen
  • Flatware department
  • Hanging section

Laundry kitchen

In this department, the dirty laundry arrives. The dirty laundry must be removed from the bags and sorted. This is physically demanding work! The sorted laundry then goes to the X-ray. There, the laundry is put on a belt and goes through a scan to check whether anything has been left behind in the clothes, such as pens and telephones.

Flatware department

In this department, quilts are hung in front of a folding machine. Clean clothing is put into the machine and comes out folded and stacked. You take these off the belt and place the clean duvets and clothing in containers.

Hanging section

In this department, clean clothes are hung up and then automatically transported to the ironing, drying and folding machine. In this department it is important that you have excellent eye/hand coordination.

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