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Polygarde provides the right professional in the field of traffic control, security or hospitality. Polygarde watches over guests and property, ensures the safe flow of traffic, welcomes visitors, answers phone calls and contributes to the maintenance of public order. This can be as a security guard, traffic controller, receptionist, telephonist or BOA.

Safety, order and peace. Nobody can do without them. As a security guard at Polygarde, you actively contribute to conditions that ensure that people can relax. For example, at an event or concert. That people can work undisturbed and drive home in the evening knowing that they have left everything behind safely.

Traffic controllers from Polygarde ensure that people are guided around an obstacle. That they are smoothly given an alternative route. That they don’t spend unnecessary time on the road to their destination.

Polygarde provides the right professionals in the field of traffic control, safety or hospitality, so that together we create an environment in which everyone feels safe. Working at Polygarde means working for a client who believes in people!

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