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PostNL has been delivering letters and parcels in the Netherlands for many years. So you never have to explain on birthdays what kind of company your employer is!

Working at PostNL means that you keep the Netherlands running. Day in, day out, millions of letters and parcels are delivered to millions of households. Everyone is an indispensable link within PostNL. Every employee makes a valuable contribution. Whether you deliver the letters in the village on your bicycle or scooter, or drive through town and country with a PostNL bus.

You also make nice interactions. As a delivery person you provide decisiveness and service with a smile. PostNL ensures that employees enjoy the freedom to perform their work properly and to further develop their talents and ideas.

We have both holiday work and long-term jobs with the prospect of an employment contract.

PostNL is a truly Dutch company with a long history and a uniform that everyone recognizes. They deliver parcels daily and mail five days a week. For customers you are an indispensable link between senders and receivers and the connector between the physical and digital world!

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