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Do you have a keen eye, a “steady” hand, are you accurate and do you want to contribute to the health of humans and animals? If the answer is “yes” in all cases, then you can work at Proton as a production worker, for example. Proton is located in Sittard and is part of the Italian company Esaote International, one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment in the world.

Production workers at Proton carry out fine production work for ultrasound equipment. These are actions that have to be carried out very accurately and where good and long concentration is required. Moreover, no experience is required for this.

The activities of a production worker differ at every place in the process and depend on where you can be deployed. The most common work that you perform as a production worker is fine soldering/gluing using a microscope and fine assembly. Good eye-hand coordination is important here.

Other activities that you as a production worker may encounter at Proton are operating machines, testing products and entering data into the quality system (SAP-ME).

The echo of forty years ago, in vague black and white, has changed spectacularly into a technique with which even beautiful (fun) echoes can be made. At Proton this is a daily topic of discussion: the production company from Sittard develops and produces parts for ultrasound equipment, specializing in transducers/probes. This is the part of an ultrasound machine that touches the skin and can thus produce an image on the monitor, also known from a pregnancy test.

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