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Do you like good food and do you get lots of energy from working day in day out on plant-based food that is not only healthy, sustainable and kind to the environment, but also tastes really good? Then SoFine Foods in Landgraaf is the ideal place for you to start working. You will make sure that not only you but also the rest of the world falls in love with the vegetable products of SoFine Foods.

SoFine Foods is part of the Swiss investment company Migros. Migros invests heavily in SoFine Foods and has big growth ambitions. Currently, the company employs around 200 people. By the end of 2022, the organisation aims to have 300 employees. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to work and develop within a growing company in the near future! You can work as a packer, production assistant and operator, among other things. Working at SoFine Foods means working within a strong growing organisation that is known for its growth opportunities. You are also entitled to irregularity bonuses and an ADV allowance. And last but not least: free weekends.

SoFine Foods’ employees work hard every day to fulfil the wishes of customers and consumers and to exceed all expectations. This is done in an innovative, sustainable and efficient manner.

SoFine Foods is located at the Abdissenbosch industrial estate in Landgraaf. The company is easily accessible via the Buitenring Parkstad. SoFine Foods was founded in 1963 and initially focused on making tofu, especially for the people from Indonesia who settled in the Netherlands. Nowadays, SoFine Foods has an attractive and wide range of vegetable meat and tofu products for everyone: young and old, big eaters and small eaters. SoFine Foods is known for its short lines of communication, fast decision making and a high degree of drive to deliver high quality and outstanding performance on a daily basis.

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