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Get started as a production employee at Vandemoortele in Brunssum! Your activities will mainly take place in the packing or bakery department. You and your team are responsible for the frozen pastries that have to be delivered to supermarkets and bakeries on time. How does flexible working and tasty free pastries during your break sound?

Vandemoortele is originally a family business from Belgium that with approximately 5,000 employees in 12 European countries has now grown into a major player in the European food industry. The organization focuses on two business units: frozen bakery products and margarines, fats & oils.

Vandemoortele is an accessible and flexible sales organization, aimed at professionals in traditional bakery, food service and industry. Good taste requires products of high quality and added value. That is exactly what Vandemoortele offers: high-quality food products for the professional user, which meet the high-quality requirements.

As soon as you start working as a production employee at Vandemoortele, you can work part-time as well as full-time. You indicate your availability yourself, so that we know when we can schedule you. We also offer you a salary of EUR 10.79 gross per hour from the age of 22 (excl. Shift work allowance).

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