At Wiertz Company, you can also work on a payroll basis through Wiertz Payroll Solutions. What does this entail? In that case, you have an employment contract with us, but you discuss the daily business with the organisation where you work. So you will not have daily contact with us. Your first point of contact is your direct supervisor within this company. The company where you work is responsible for your personal supervision and induction.

Your supervisor will inform you about practical matters, such as working hours, safety and house rules. He or she will also discuss training possibilities with you. Wiertz Payroll Solutions is therefore only employer in a legal sense. We take care of the payment of your salary and arrange all administrative matters. We do this very efficiently and professionally. And you have all the benefits of this.

At Wiertz Payroll Solutions, you get the attention you deserve as a payroll employee. You will always receive your salary on time and you can count on professional support and guidance from experienced consultants. Providing the pay slips, annual statements and employment contracts is also well organised with us.