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Working and learning at the same time? Yes, of course you want to! That is possible via Wiertz Academy. We believe that everyone is talented. We make work out of people and we expressly give meaning to that with Wiertz Academy. With Wiertz Academy, we offer various training courses, where you learn skills and gain knowledge which are indispensable now and in the future. Employers will not be able to do without you!

There are many possibilities within our Wiertz Academy. Become a professional operator, enforce your experience in logistics with an intermediate vocational education in logistics or obtain the necessary papers to get started as a traffic controller. Always wanted to work in hospitality, but don’t have the skills (yet)? Or are you technically inclined and would you like a job as a scaffold builder? At Wiertz Academy, everyone can realise their ambitions: you work a number of hours per week, while you receive paid training through us. Together we will make your future a reality!