On the border of the Netherlands and Germany


This small German municipality is located just across the border from Kerkrade. Our location is located in the Eurode Business Center, the first cross-border business building in Europe and literally on the border of the Netherlands and Germany. Dirk-Jan’s team consists of different nationalities and runs Wiertz International Solutions from this location and is ready to help you find a job!

Do you have a weakness for the hospitality industry and do you absolutely want to work in this sector? Then the vacancies of Wiertz Hospitality Solutions offer you the solution. Or are you a college graduate / graduate who wants to work somewhere based on recruitment or secondment? Then take a look at the vacancies of Wiertz Career Solutions.

send us an app +31 45 5639230 herzogenrath@wiertz.com


Eurodepark 1-29
6461 KB Kerkrade

T. +31 45 5639230
E. herzogenrath@wiertz.com