Mechanical Technician – Gronsveld

The Mechanical Technician is responsible for troubleshooting and repairing of mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies and systems. Work includes production, installations, testing, certification and repair.

Job Responsibilities include:Tracking assemblies to be tested/repaired. Cleaning of assemblies to be tested/repaired.
Mechanical disassembly of products to obtain electronic assemblies to be tested/repaired. Ability to make repair or scrap decision
Using schematics for testing and repair. Maintaining a clean and orderly test/repair area. Troubleshoots electronics down to the component level to determine cause and remedy of any malfunction. Performs required repairs to return unit to operational state
Sets up and tests unit to meet specified requirement. Recognizes failures and set up problems, isolates problems, and takes appropriate action to resolve those problems. Operate oscilloscopes, power supplies, jigs and understands their use and function
Operates hand tools and small power tools and understand their use and function. Fills out production test reports


The Mechanical Technician will work in a team environment and will possess strong trouble shooting (to component level) and problem solving skills, strong analog, mechanical and digital skills, experience using DVM, Oscilloscope, hands tools and excellent soldering skills.

Must possess problem solving skills, strong digital and analog skill, ability to troubleshoot in a logic manner. Professional, clear verbal and written communication. Must have experience using the following equipment; DVM, oscilloscopes, component tester, hand tools, such as soldering/de-soldering irons, hand crimper, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers. Generate failure analysis and problem report to management.

Uren per week

38 uur


Simone van Uden
Avenue Ceramique 14, 6221 KV Maastricht
Telefoonnummer: 043 3510086