Whitepaper WAB beschikbaar in het Engels

Whitepaper WAB beschikbaar in het Engels

De Whitepaper Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans is nu ook beschikbaar in het Engels!

On 1 January, the Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB in Dutch) enters into force. Download the whitepaper for the main points. In addition, we mention 11 concrete action points that will help your organisation to prepare and implement the changes.

With a complete package of services, Wiertz Company is able to provide you with the right expertise in a flexible and professional manner. If you would like to discuss the whitepaper or the implications of this new employement act further, we will of course be happy to make an appointment. Leave your details here!

Content of the white paper

  • The WAB
  • Payroll
  • Call forces
  • Chain definition
  • Transition fee
  • Broadcast vs. Payroll
  • Dismissal
  • 11 action points
Download the white paper